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Jose Rangel CGFT, P.T

Fitness Coach, Personal & Group fitness, Motivational Coach.

Jose has been an athlete his whole life, playing just about every team sport available from as early as he can remember till he graduated high school. After graduating he focused more in fitness and not so much in sports. He still loves all sports and occasionally play them with friends. Graduated high school at a weight of 145 and height 5'11, he was thin, real thin!

He began to exercise and had discovered a new passion. He packed on 40 good pounds.. and some bad ones too, Food is another passion!! :)

He loves running obstacle races and has run, Devil Dash, Bad ass Dash ( by him self and with his dog), A Trifecta member of the Spartan Races and Mens Fitness Ultimate Athlete.

Then he rescue the one who would change his life forever. Kodiak! His husky/border collie dog. His appreciation for all dogs and animals in general grew.

Then as simple as it sounds, he brought his two passions together! Fitness and Dogs!

Jose and kodiak round
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Phone: 1 (408) 580-6710

Kodiak round


50% Husky, 50% Border Collie, 100% Awesome
Intermediate Agility & Obedience Graduate

Kodiak was rescued at the age of about 1 and never looked back. He is energetic, smart, agile and loves to jump around. He loves agility and going hiking. Loves the cold but hates the water!

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